Can I get a golden Visa based on my salary?

Since the launch of the UAE Golden Visa system in 2019, numerous foreign groups aiming to become permanent UAE residents have taken advantage of this opportunity. For those interested in this long-term residence visa, the following article explains what the requirements and benefits are, how to apply, and more.

What is UAE’s Golden Visa?

The visa grants foreigners the right to live, work, and study in the UAE without requiring a national sponsor. It also attracts and encourages highly skilled individuals, leading to a boost in investments and business growth for a span of 5 to 10 years. Upon meeting all criteria, the visa is automatically renewed.

Who are eligible for a Golden Visa?

Golden visas are open to those individuals who meet one or more of the set criteria.

List of Categories for Golden Visa:

  • Doctors – 10 YEARS
  • Property Investor Visa – 5 YEARS
  • Investors in Public Investment – 10 YEARS
  • Outstanding Students and Graduates of 2019 and above – 5 YEARS
  • Executive Directors – 10 YEARS
  • Specialist in Engineering – 10 YEARS
  • Creative Specialists for Culture & Art – 10 YEARS
  • Entrepreneurs – 5 YEARS

Golden Visa for Property investor (5 years)

A Property Investor is eligible for a 5-year visa if they have at least 2 Million Dirhams of property value, either through owning one or more properties, or via shares under their name. For mortgaged property, the applicant must provide an Arabic NOC letter indicating the amount paid off, in addition to being present in the government office during the three stages of the application process: Submission, Medical testing, and Passport Collection. If a husband and wife share a property, they must present a valid marriage certificate.

Golden Visa for Investors in public (10 years):

A UAE license must be obtained through either an investor or partner, who must contribute 2 million Dirhams in shares and two years worth of deposits to a bank. Moreover, tax returns must be submitted by the investor. For licenses located in free zones or special development zones, a “To Whom It May Concern Certificate” must also be procured from the relevant free zone authorities.

Golden visa for doctors (10 years):

Specialized talents and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge are granted a ten-year residence visa with no need for a sponsor. Renewal is dependent upon meeting certain requirements, such as obtaining a Certificate of Licensing to practice the profession in Arabic from the Dubai Health Authority/Ministry of Health/Dubai Health City and submitting an accredited letter from these authorities verifying that the profession has been practiced for a minimum of one year.

Golden visa for Executive Directors (10 years):

Employees who are in a senior role, have equivalent duties or are part of the executive management team of their employer, are eligible for a 10-year visa. This eligibility requires a bachelor’s degree or higher to be attested or a letter from the Ministry of Education for qualifications attained abroad. Furthermore, the applicant must have held a residency visa for the preceding 5 years and be able to present a salary certificate with a salary of no less than AED 50,000.

Golden visa for Specialists in Engineering (10 years):

Highly educated and experienced professionals in disciplines like medicine, sciences, engineering, IT, business, education, law, culture, and social sciences can acquire a 10-year Golden Visa by presenting their attested Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or higher, or a letter of equivalent degree from the Ministry of Education for foreign qualifications. Additionally, they need to show a contract of work related to one of the specializations such as epidemiology and virology, artificial intelligence, big data, computer engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, genetic engineering, and biotechnology engineering.

Golden visa for Outstanding students (5 years):

A Highschool student with a minimum grade of 95% in both public and private secondary schools who ranks at the top nationally may be granted a Golden Visa for 5 years without a sponsor, provided they have a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education (Emirates Schools Establishment). Should the student be enrolled in a major or college in the country that requires more than five years of study, such as the College of Human Medicine.

Golden visa for Entrepreneurs (5 years):

A five-year residency visa is granted to entrepreneurs whose economic project has an innovative, technologically advanced, and high-risk focus. Submitting a Dubai Future Foundation application is necessary to obtain the visa, alongside Letters from an accredited auditor in the United Arab Emirates showing the project’s worth of at least AED 500,000, approval from the relevant authorities of the Emirate proving its technical or futuristic purpose, and a Letter from an accredited business incubator or appropriate Emirate entity attesting to its tech- or future-based nature.

Golden visa for Creative specialists in Culture (10 years):

The Department of Culture and Arts in the Emirate must supply an endorsement letter of recommendation to any art specialist of repute.

What are the benefits of a Golden visa?

A Long-Term and Renewable Residence Visa with the option of a 5-year or 10-year term is available for self-sponsored individuals. Those who are granted this visa also have the privilege of extending their stay abroad beyond the conventional 6-month limit without losing the validity of their residence visa. The primary holder of the Golden visa is authorized to sponsor their family members, including their spouse and children, without any age restrictions, in addition to an unlimited number of domestic helpers. In the event of the primary holder’s passing away, family members can remain in the UAE until the expiration of the permit. Moreover, the Esaad cards offer exclusive benefits with a range of discounts for services, products, attractions, and experiences.

How to apply for a golden visa in the UAE?

GDRFA-Dubai Smart Application

Download the GDRFA-Dubai application through the authorized stores: Apple store/Play store

  1. Register a new user account (in case there is no account registered)
  2. Select the required service
  3. Attach the required documents
  4. Pay the fees due for the service
  5. Submit the request

Head to one of the Amer Centers branches and approach the receptionist to select the service you need. After gathering the required documents, present them to the service personnel. They will assess the documents before requesting you to pay any fees associated with the service. Lastly, hand in your application and you’re all set.


The customer will receive both a text message and an email indicating the status of their application. If any documents are missing, they will have 30 days to submit them; otherwise, the application will be cancelled. In the event that all necessary documents have been provided, the customer will be notified of their approval and the application will be sent by email.

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